Anuva Snap & Release wristbands are made of high quality silicon, impregnated with millions of microcapsules holding natural plant-oils and the active ingredient Geraniol. Extensive tests were undertaken until the correct formulation was achieved.

The snapping action of the band or friction causes the microcapsules to immediately release the repellent, forming a halo around the area.

Mosquitoes are primarily attracted to carbon dioxide released by us. Different species of mosquitoes have a different propensity to bite.

The invisible vapour continues to be exuded resulting in mosquitoes being repelled and thus minimising biting.

Anuva Wristbands are 100% DEET free and are made from a new natural formula, remaining safe in direct contact with skin. However, in cases of irritation or discomfort, discontinue use immediately.

Anuva Snap & Release wristbands provide a very unique protection of up to 30 days. The length of protection depends on the snapping frequency of the band and usage.

How it Works

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