Mosquito related diseases are the West Nile Virus, Malaria, Encephalitis and  Dengue Fever.


Symptoms of West Nile Virus ? Fever  ? Headache  ? Body ache  ? Nausea  ? Vomiting  ? Swollen lymph glands  ? Skin rash

Symptoms of Malaria ? Fever  ? Shivering  ? Pain in joints  ? Repeated vomiting  ? Generalized convulsions  ? Coma

According to the World Health Organization, between 300 and 500 million people are infected by Malaria in Africa, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, and Central and South America annually. Over one million of people die each year which are caused by the Malaria disease. Symptoms of Malaria will begin after 8 to 12 days being bitten.

Symptoms of Encephalitis? Fever  ? Headache  ? Myalgias  ? Malaise  ? Prostatration

Symptoms of Dengue

Infection with dengue viruses will produce a spectrum of clinical illness ranging from a non-specific viral syndrome to severe and fatal hemorrhagic disease.

Extra Prevention

Apply Mosquito Repellent
You should apply mosquito repellents for both outdoor and indoor activities even in a short period of time.


Clothing Can Prevent Mosquito Bites
Wear light-colored, long-sleeved clothes and long trousers.


Be Aware of Peak Mosquito Hours
Mosquitoes usually appear during the hours from dusk to dawn, take extra care to use repellent and protective clothing during evening and morning; or avoid having outdoor activities during this time.

Drain Standing Water
Female mosquitoes will look for places of still, stagnant water to lay their eggs. Make sure your yard doesn?t contain any breeding areas for mosquitoes; tidy up premises and check for any accumulation of water inside premises; remove all unnecessary water collection and eliminate the sources; properly cover all containers those hold water to prevent mosquito from accessing the water; also change at least every week the water in flower vases and saucers of potted plants to prevent breeding of mosquitoes.

Install Mosquito Prevention Screen or Bed Net
Install mosquito prevention screen on windows and doors; or use mosquito prevention net for sleeping in bedroom if necessary.

Proper Disposal of Garbage
Garbage should be removed and proper disposal, in order to avoid rodent-borne diseases and flea breeding.

Information & Protection

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